Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita is my favourite book, along with Dostoevsky’s The Idiot, and the idea of illustrating it has been in my mind for ages.

A couple of years ago I got back to the novel and decided that the time had come, at last, to start with my project. The idea was to illustrate each chapter of the book, including the epilogue, plus two panels that would make the front and back covers of the book, in case a publisher ever got interested in printing the whole thing.

I managed to make fifteen engraved panels, all handmade and hand-printed, corresponding to Master and Margarita's first fifteen chapters.
Unfortunately, lack of time made me stop the project, but I hope I'll eventually be back to it.

In any case, my aim was to pay a personal tribute to a masterpiece and to the memory of its author.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the illustrations in the series, please drop me a line at ikerspozio@gmail.com

P.S.: The "Never Talk To Strangers" print is now sold out.


NEWS: I'm proud to announce that my Master & Margarita project, along with some other illustrations, is currently being exhibited in the Bulgakov Museum in Moskow.
The exhibition opens on May 15 and lasts until June 15 2012.



"Black Magic and Its Expose", the illustration used by the Dramaten Theater in Stockholm as a poster for its Master & Margarita play, is available now for sale online at the great ArteLimited gallery.
For all the details, click HERE