Iker Spozio

I was born in Italy and I'm currently living in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain.

After a degree in Modern Art History and studies in Archaeology in Milan's Statale University, I started working as an illustrator, mostly in the music and publishing fields, before switching to painting.

My work features abstract, geometric compositions made with ancient and traditional techniques and has been shown worldwide (Seoul, Moscow, Tokyo, London, Bilbao, Rome ...).

The paintings showcased on this website are made in egg and oleoresin tempera on calcium caseate. They are part of an ongoing project titled Conversation Pieces, loosely based on the 18th century English genre of the same name, which featured groups of people engaged in dialogue and interaction, shown at times outdoors, at times in domestic interiors: it is this idea of interaction between various elements placed in an either enclosed or open space I took inspiration from, translating it into my own non-figurative style.

In terms of composition and colour, my work is based on some of my main interests of study: all the various laws for a harmonic division of the painting's surface - from ancient times to early 20th century avant-garde - , the work of Gestalt authors (Wertheimer, Kanizsa, Arnheim) and the optical/chromatic theories of scientists such as Chevreul, Munsell and Ostwald.

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